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K.+M.Matevz    28 März 2008 07:36 | Slovenia
Dear Dorise,
First of all one big thank for organising pleasant, positive and important meeteng in SA. We felt really great and got some new perspectives on way of life in another great country. Thanks for your hospitality and good will you shared with us.
Germany isn't so far so we can easily vist you or you visit us. We are keeping in touch for sure.
Sand our best greetings to your daughters.
Katarina & Matevz

Malaika    29 März 2008 04:21 | Nepal, Manang 3540m
So nah wie jetzt war ich Papa wohl ausser beim Fliegen schon lange nicht mehr. Und dass er hier ist, dass hat er mir schon mehrfach gezeigt, wenn ich mal wieder beim Probandensuchen verzweifelt bin oder mich einen Berg hochgeschleppt habe und mir die Puste weggeblieben ist. Jedes Mal kam ein kleiner Schmetterling und hat sich bei mir auf den Kopf gesetzt, vielleicht lag bzw. liegt das ja an meiner nun doch recht bunten Muetze, aber mir hat es geholfen. Ich weiss, er ist da und freut sich mit mir, dass ich hier so tolle Dinge erleben darf!
In den nächsten Tagen geht es in Richtung Thorong La Pass: 5540m hoch, da werde ich dann noch einmal einen Gruss von allen absetzen! Mal sehen, was dort passiert. :0)

Liesje    31 März 2008 13:53 | South Africa
Hi Dorise,

60 and stunning

A belated birthday wish, you have finally joined the elite club and may now officially do as you please. I heard your party was fantastic, I'm sorry I missed a good time. I was there in spirit, and had a toast to your good health on the day. I hope you are going to enjoy your beautiful new driver and that it gives you loads of happy golfing hours.

See you soon,

Bill Charney    01 April 2008 07:15 | New Zeeland

Even though we never met I certainly felt your presence during the meeting. Especially during my aerial tour around the Cape Town area in the Mooney of Harold Bloch out of your favorite and most wonderful Stellenbosch airfield. Even more so when I was allowed to visit your old hangar with the Chippie and Tiger Moth now residing there.

I know you were smiling when looking down at all of us enjoying our Earthrounder visit to South Africa. You have every reason to be very proud of all your girls...they did a magnificent job of keeping us busy and entertained during our visit. You had set a fine standard and they continued to uphold that standard. I'll always remember my first visit to South Africa with a big smile thanks to you.

Blue skies new friend!

Bill Charney (Also known as: Old Cap'n Biff Windsock)
Beechcraft D-17-S Staggerwing

Marion    05 April 2008 16:26 | Erinvale, South Africa
Dear Dorise,
thank you so much for a delightful luncheon, to celebrate yout 60th birthday. I hope you will indulge yourself with our gift!!

I would like to compliment you on your daughter Bianca, what a lovely young woman she is, confident, charming and interesting to talk to! What a good job you have done!
Such a pleasant afternoon, good company, good food - thank you for sharing your special day, very best wishes


Georg H.    12 April 2008 12:33 | Stuttgart
Liebe Dorise,
nochmal herzlichen Dank für alles, es war zu weiten Teilen der Verdienst der "Hettlich Girls", daß das Earthrounders Meeting eine so gelungene und schöne Sache wurde. Ich habe (mal wieder) wunderschöne Tage in Südafrika verbracht.

Anbei ein Stein aus meinem Garten in Stuttgart. Wenn Ihr den auf den Berg tragt, denkt vielleicht auch daran, daß andere (z.B. ich) aus Frank`s tragischem Unfall etwas gelernt haben.

Ich hoffe, wir treffen uns einmal wieder (spätestens in 2 Jahren in Brasilien).
Bitte richte meine Grüße auch an Bianca, Claudia und - unbekannterweise - Malaika aus.

Herzliche Grüße


Gabriele Packheiser    12 April 2008 23:41 | Kleve
Liebe Dorise,
gestern vor 2 Wochen hast Du mich zu einem Besuch bei Deinem Mann auf dem Berg mitgenommen. Und es war tatsächlich wie ein richtiger Besuch mit heiteren und ernsten Gesprächen über viele Dinge des Lebens. Es ist mit Sicherheit eine große Gabe, Dankbarkeit und Trauer teilen zu können, ich danke Dir dafür, dass Du sie auch mit mir geteilt hast.
Bis zum nächsten Mal, hier oder dort, liebe Grüße,
Gaby P.

Margi & Gerard Moss    13 April 2008 01:38 | Brasilia, Brazil
Already a month has passed since our sunny reunion in Capetown. What everyone says is true, that Frank's presence was there with us all along, as in this photo taken in Brasilia cathedral where he is with the angels, and smiling down on us. It was always one of his features, and is one that infected your whole family, Dorise... you and the girls are always smiling! Ever since we first met in Fort Lauderdale airport in 2000, heading for Oshkosh. We would have loved to see Malaika again, but no doubt she was busy smiling her way round Nepal!!
So, hardly need I say, keep smiling.

Jeanne Bloch    18 April 2008 02:21 | Kylemore, South Africa
The Muffin Project and Frank's Heaven

Each day all the children in "Frank's Heaven" receive a fortified muffin --
the muffin has ingredients that addresses the 'hidden hunger' in the
malnourished child. The recipe has been developed by SASKO MILLING & BAKING,
one of South Africa's biggest milling companies, in liaison with the South
African Medical Research Council.

In the little village of Kylemore a small bakery has been installed in 4
rooms in the High School where 3,000 muffins are baked daily. Of these 2,
500 are sold for as little as R1.50 to children at the high school and 500
find their way free of charge to the poorest of the poor children in the

Frank's Heaven receives a free muffin for every little child because the
sponsors of the free muffin believe that proper nourishment of these little
children at this early age will give them a better chance in life.

Today it was banana muffins -- tomorrow it might be chocolate or vanilla or
blue-berrymuffins -- the flavours that the children love. The children look
forward to this little treat after they have had their sleep in the
afternooon and before they are fetched from their creche by their parents or
a sibling and taken to their homes.

Lorna    26 April 2008 04:19 | New Zeland
Malaika so proud of you and all your achievements. Your Dad would be so proud. Hope we cancatch up one day and have fun like at 43 Air School. Love Lorns

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