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Claude Meunier    15 März 2008 09:00 | Grass Valley West Australia
Dear Dorise,
Great admiration and thanks for this so successful meeting. You all did so well to organize it. I am sure Frank would have wanted to have it this way. Such a great meeting certainly reinforced the bonds between all the Earthrounders and would help keep his memory fresh in our minds.
God bless.

Horst Ellenberger    15 März 2008 16:00 | Nürnberg, Germany
Liebe Hettlichs,
ich bin gut nach hause gekommen und möchte mich bei dir und deinen töchtern herzlich für die organisation und betreuung bedanken .
alles gute und ich denke wir sehen uns bei irgend einer gelegenheit .
herzliche grüße horst

Jenny Lamb    16 März 2008 10:31 | Erinvale
What a two weeks we have been so happy to share with you-
"Swan Lake On Ice" with an all Russian cast-incredible.
Piquenique on theatre steps-you are crazy !!!!

Great 60th birthday party with lots of your girl friends, then "Chicago" followed by "Starlight Classics". All this after your great success organising a brilliant "Earthrounders Jamboree".What a fortnight. Frank would be so proud of you

Love Jenny & George Lamb

Ank Evers    16 März 2008 15:42 | Somerset West
Lieve Dorise,

Heel hartelijk bedankt voor de gezellige damesverjaardagslunch!Ik hoop dat je nog vele gezonde jaren mag vieren!

Liefs Ank

Party Vumase    20 März 2008 09:23 | Maputaland, South Africa
This site is so stimulating. I am sure you will come back to Tembe Elephant Park again. Bianca help me with my Dog (Snoop) when you arrive here. I know you are Vet. Thanx all from
Party Vumase from Esibonisweni Primary, Jubilee's School

Margi + Gerard    20 März 2008 16:49 | Brasilia, Brazil
A huge thank-you to the Hettlich family and to the merry band of Earthrounders
who made the journey to Cape Town and turned the meeting once again into an
enjoyable rebonding of old friendships and cementing of new ones, over an
interchange of RTW-related discussions, tips and new challenges...
and the occasional glass of wine!
Thank you all for your company, thanks to Dorise and the girls for going ahead
and bringing us all together in Cape Town. Viva Frank.
Gerard & Margi

Ingrid de Loor    21 März 2008 10:34 | Erinvale Estate, Somerset West, SA
Dear Dorise

Thank you for a most wonderful 60th (or was it 16th?) birthday party which I could share with you and all your lovely (and lively!) girlfriends at D'Vine Restaurant,Willowbrook Lodge. The day was filled with love, laughter, 'getting to know you better', champagne, wine and excellent food! With this 'thank you' I also want you to know that I appreciate it so much to be a friend of your's - together with your lovely daughthers - because you are such an inspiration and wonderful example of how to live and let live, to all of us. May God bless you in all that you do for the rest of your life!

And to Bianca: you were the most charming hostess and photographer! We missed Malaika, Claudia and Robin.

Lots of love - one of your many girlfriends -

Ingrid de Loor

Angela & Flemming PE    21 März 2008 20:34 | Bazaruto island, Mozambique
The meeting in Cape Town was great and provided an excellent excuse to fly around Africa. Thanks to you and all the Hettlichs. Greetings from Bazaruto Island, Mozambique

Wayne Collins    25 März 2008 20:01 | Texas, USA
Dear Dorise and Bianca,

I can never put into words how grateful I am to you for the wonderful and warm visit I enjoyed in Cape Town at the Earthrounders Gathering because of your planning, talents, and warmth of friendship you extended to all. I would have included Claudia in this email but at present I do not have her email address. I have been slow sending you my thanks as I contacted a cold on my flight home, which I will arrange differently should I have the pleasure of visiting South Africa by commercial aviation again. Today was a beautiful day in Texas and I flew to several nearby airports and had Cajun Gumbo with the EAA group at the Gladewater airport. We are having the formal ribbon cutting of the new parallel taxiway and terminal building at KJDD, Wood County Airport , next Saturday. I hope to have you both here during your visit to College Station .

I am sending separately a three pictures. One from the Vienna Gathering, one of the three of you, and one of a lady with a fancy head dress, in our parts it could be an Indian Chief’s head dress. I did not have the opportunity of enjoying as much of your company in Vienna, we did not have the opportunity as we were put in different groups when the locals had us to dinner.

I am looking forward to seeing you both in May and Bianca prior to that.

Safe Flying,


Jenny Walker    27 März 2008 18:03 | Erinvale, South Africa
Dear Dorise
What a lovely birthday lunch and I must thank you for inviting me to share this wonderful occasion with you.
It was such a happy day and you looked so happy as well especially in your cute hat!! You never stopped
smiling for the whole day!! and why not because there was every reason to be happy surrounded by all your
lovely friends - thanks so much and I hope your new driver will improve your golf but not too much that you wont want to play with us any more!!! Lots of love and here's to our next bush trail - can't wait.
Love Jenny

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