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Sandra Peters    03 Mai 2007 17:08 | Kleve
Liebe Familie Hettlich,

betroffen und erschüttert nahm ich den Tod von Dr. Hettlich zur Kenntnis.
Ich erinnere mich noch genau, als ich vor ca. 10 Jahren zum ersten Mal in Ihre Praxis kam und mit einem freundlichen Lächeln empfangen wurde.
Obwohl ich den Zahnarzt an sich lieber meide, habe ich mich bei Ihnen sehr gut aufgehoben und behandelt gefühlt, denn jeder Zahnarztbesuch hatte für mich außer der medizinischen Seite auch eine angenehm persönliche Note.

Liebe Grüße,
Sandra Peters (ehemals Markert)

porto alfredo    03 Mai 2007 20:37 | dubai
liebe d und family,

zu den geschilderten ereignissen fehlen uns zunaechst die worte, wuerden gerne mehr muendliches,fliegen am 6.5.nach p.e. dann vor dem 19.5. einige tage nach capetown, annemaries email ist kontaktbruecke.

ganz liebe lichtvolle gruesse peter,ingrid, kids

Stellenbosch Flying    04 Mai 2007 22:42 | Stellenbosch South Africa
Adventure ends in tragedy
On Friday 16 February 2007, one of our members, Frank Hettlich, died after ditching his Seneca 3, D-Gomm in the ocean. He experienced an engine failure some 70 kms from Fernando de Noronha, on a flight from Brazil to Dakar, and then down to FASH.

Doctor Frank survived the ditching in the ocean and made it into the life-raft,where he tragically perished as a result of injuries. Frank and his wife Dorise flew from Germany to South America for a holiday, and he undertook the Atlantic crossing back to Africa alone. He was due to arrive at Stellenbosch Airfield on Thursday 22 February 2007.

Our deepest condolences go to Dorise and daughters Malaika, Bianca and Claudia.

Frank and Dorise established their names in the record books when they completed a Round the World trip in D-Gomm in Aug./Sept.2003, starting off from FASH. It took them 60 days, of which included 32 days of flying, to become the 42nd team in the world to fly around the globe.

Frank was also awarded with both our club's highest honours, namely the Chairmans Cup for outstanding airmanship, and the Cotton Cup.

A.Schreyer & Fam.    06 Mai 2007 23:40 | Dubai
Hallo liebe Dorise
My family and I were very shocked to hear about the happenings to Frank. I often have been remininscing about the day we spent in East London, playing golf and also often use the skills that I have learned from Frank. My parents also often remember the evening that they spent with you at waters edge, and how they enjoyed yours and Franks company.
It is so hard to believe what has happended and I trust that you and your family must be going through a very hard and tough time. Frank was a great person and I believe that he has done a lot of great things and that he will be missed by many.
I wish you and your family to be strong and may God be with you. If there is anything I and my family can do for you please do let me know. Frank and you were some of the very few guests that have grown to my heart and that I enjoyed to spent time with.
I wish all the best and my condolences to you and your family.
With love Annemarie Schreyer and family

Heidi Radke    09 Mai 2007 18:50 | Cambridge
Meine liebe Bianca,

gerade erst habe ich durch Dein Email von heute und den Blick auf Eure Homepage vom Tod Deines Vaters erfahren.
Das ist eine Katastrophe. Ich moechte Dir mein allerallertiefstes Mitgefuehl ausdruecken. Ich weiss, wie nahe Dir Deine ganze Familie ist und dass Dein Vater sehr wichtig fuer Dich war.
Ich habe selbst meinen Vater vor acht Jahren von einem Tag auf den anderen verloren und meine Leben hat sich schlagartig voellig veraendert in einer Gefuehlsstaerke, wie ich sie nie zuvor erfahren hatte. Ich weiss, dass jeder natuerlich ganz anders seine Trauer erlebt, deshalb moechte ich Dir nur sagen, dass ich in meinen Gedanken ganz fest bei Dir in College Station und auch bei Deiner Familie bin.

Ich umarme Dich fest,
Deine Heidi

Heidi Radke
4 Roseford Road
Cambridge, CB4 2HD

Amanda Garner    09 Mai 2007 23:03 |
Dear Dr. Hettlich,

Thank you for sharing your family pictures with us, and letting us in on a little bit of your dad's life. I now know where you get your radiant smile, and your love for life. I, of course, never knew your dad, but it is very evident from all of the pictures that he was trully a happy man. You can just see the glow in his eyes.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Robert Leonpacher    11 Mai 2007 06:19 | Humble, TX USA
To the Hettlich Family

I had wanted to write this message in German, but I am so poor in the language, I shall revert to my English.

I have had the pleasure of meeting a fine young lady here in Texas. I contacted Bianca because, like my father, she had become a Tierarzt in Munich. (My father was a Traunsteiner.)
She is such a joy to know, so talented and professional!

Few of us can leave a legacy such as the late Dr. Hettlich. To have three daughters who, each in her own way, will contribute to the well-being of mankind in one way or another. Both he and his wife have much raised such an accomplished family!

Just an aside... My family was always interested in aviation. My mother began flying in 1930, my father a little later. One brother and I also have pilots licenses. But none of us ever experienced such diverse flying as the late Dr. Hettlich enjoyed!

Let his wife and daughters carry on his memory!

Kathrin Burke    12 Mai 2007 20:05 | College Station, Texas
Liebe Bianca und liebe Familie Hettlich!

Ich moechte Dir und Deiner Familie mein herzliches Beileid aussprechen.
Deine Freunde in Texas haben in den vergangenden Wochen sehr viel an Dich und Deine Familie gedacht! Deine website ist einfach wundervoll. Die schoenen Fotos sind so voller Freude und Energie!

Liebe Gruesse,


Clive and Valerie    13 Mai 2007 19:35 | Southport
Dear Dorise, Claudia, Bianca and Malaika

We first met you all during our time at RAF Laarbruch when Frank's love of flying brought him to the Flying Club. We have such fond memories of the happy times we spent together. We will never forget the social occasions at your home and in particular, our return for the opening of the swimming pool.

Frank was a true professional in all that he did - he had a heart of gold and was such a pleasant, happy optimist with a great spirit of adventure.

Your annual letters were always appreciated and we were particularly pleased to receive the last Christmas family photographs when you all met up for a happy family gathering.

Frank will be greatly missed and we will never forget his friendship. We trust you will all find comfort knowing that he lived life to the full and that he died whilst engaged in his passion of flying.

Our love to you all.

Juan van Breda    15 Mai 2007 01:23 | Somerset West
Dear Dorise, Claudia und Robin, Bianca and Malaika,

This is the letter that I wrote following the drama (and fervent prayers) of Friday, 16 February,ending in the devastating last call at about 21:30. We followed the news relayed to us telephonically by Dorise. Finally I get to entering it on the website, which is a wonderful tribute to Frank's life.

This was written Saturday morning shortly before going to Erinvale to see Dorise.

Dear Dorise, Claudia, Bianca and Malaika,

No words can lessen the immense sadness, pain and loss that you are feeling at this time.

We really feel for you and our thoughts and love go out to you as you live through this very difficult time.

We cannot even begin to feel the magnitude of the experience that you are living through.

Frank was really living his dream of flying and doing what he so loved to do, as he took off and flew out over the Atlantic into the darkness of the night. Just him and the drone of the two Continentals, a special time for a pilot. He would have felt a oneness with all of creation as the darkness of the sky above and the blackness of the ocean below melded to become inseparable. The heavens above would have seemed infinite, and studded with the light of billions of stars. These stars would have faded as as he and the glow on the horizon heralding the dawn of the new day raced to meet other at nearly 2 000 Km per hour. Sunrise over the vast blueness of the Atlantic would have been spectacular. Truly a pilot's utopia, a dream come true.

We most likely will never know what exactly gave trouble aboard D-GOMM on this ill-fated last flight. But we do know that Frank would have used all his skill as an experienced aviator to remain airborne. When there was no option and ditching became inevitable, he would have executed this forced landing with perfection (that was the way he lived!).

Likewise, we may never know how or what trauma and injuries he sustained. But we are certain that, even though injured and possibly in pain, his determination to exit the aircraft and inflate and board his liferaft was driven by a burning desire to survive, be rescued and return home to his beloved family.

Frank was always so full of life, filled with energy and enthusiasm, and always excited about the future and what he was going to do, we will remember him for all of this.

As his departing leaves a huge emptiness in all of your lives, we too will always miss his gentle natured kindness, his humour, his vigourous handshake and firm pat on the shoulder. We too are deply touched by his passing.

As you were greatly blessed to have Frank as a loving and devoted husband and father, we were blessed to have him as a wonderful patient and great friend, whose memory will live on with us forever.

You as a very special and unique family live on as a testament, a living legacy, to the love, goodness and greatness of Frank.

May God be with you, and give you great stength, at this time.

Our love, thoughts and compassion go out to you.

Juan, Wendy and Gerda

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