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Hettlich's History 2010

The New Year has already begun but we still want to take the opportunity to look back on an eventful year 2010 for the Hettlich family.



The most significant change happened for Claudia and Robin who finally left the North of England to move to the South-east of England. Claudia obtained a consultant position in pediatric allergy at the St. Mary`s Hospital in London. Robin moved his consultant respiratory post to Hertfordshire. Fortune was on their side when they found their dream home – a 100 year old arts-and-craft cottage in Hitchin. Christmas saw us celebrating in Manchester on borrowed garden furniture and air mattresses (there’s always plenty of hot air flowing when the family meets up) as everything had already been moved down South by the time we arrived. Who cares about furniture though when the family is together?!


Bianca spent 2010 getting to know Columbus and its surroundings as well as working on her house and garden. Despite her small yard, she planted several fruit trees and shrubs and is looking forward to her first harvest next summer. In October, she submitted her thesis to obtain the German doctorate degree. Her thesis defense is in February and the family will join her in Munich to celebrate.


Malaika is now well established in the clinic. She continues to grow professionally and is well liked by her nurses and patients. It is a joy to see her succeed and practice high quality dentistry as her father did. She has also come to the end of her doctor thesis and is expecting to defend in 2011. With that another ‘doctor’ will join the family.


In October the family went on a one week trip to Uganda to trek mountain gorillas. Frank had planned such a trip with the whole family. We met in central Africa to do this expedition in his memory. It was fantastic! What an unforgettable moment to experience these endangered animals in their natural habitat. It left the whole family in awe.


Finally to Dorise. As always she is keeping herself busy. Highlights of 2010 were travels to Madagascar and Peru. Madagascar was her first big trip without company and she enjoyed new acquaintances as well as peace and quiet. For her Peru adventure she was joined by Bianca. When she had down time, she spent it riding her favorite Renault Magnum Truck through Europe – last time they covered 6000 km in 8 days! Living by the motto ‘every day has to be appreciated’ she has many more plans for the New Year.


The year’s end was plagued with whooping cough, which almost the entire family caught in Uganda. Now we appreciate what it means to be healthy!!!


Dear Friends, we wish you all the best, joy, happiness and health for 2011. And as always, it would be wonderful to see you again this year.


Your Hettlich Family

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