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Walking with Lions - 2010

Go to Victoria Falls and you may be in for a surprise. So were George, Jenny and me when we visited for a few days in February 2010.

The famous golf course  at Elefants Hill/Vic Falls is in sad condition with few people coming to play.
The caddies were extatic when we showed up - after 3 weeks some income! We enjoyed the round of golf on this very African course. Where else in the world do you have to chase the warthogs away before you tee off.
Weatherwise we were lucky as well. The falls had lots of water and because of the spray taking photos was a wee bit difficult. But regardless of the water level, the falls are always an awe-inspiring sight.  
The highlight was the early morning walk with lions. I was a bit nervous but it was worthwhile for experience to be this close to these amazing cats (and to take some spectacular photos).
 I did not know that lions in Africa may become extinct. In 1975 there were about 200.000 lions roaming the plains, today only 16.000. What would Afrika be without lions?
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Who ever wants to help the lions - it is never too late.
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