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Update on Kylemore

My dear Dorise
Just to thank you and the entire Hettlich family so very much for your very generous contribution of 1 500 Euro for the construction of a website for Imbali Western Cape, and more specifically for our “SUNNY SKY PROJECT” which is the banner that will embrace all the upliftment programs that brighten the outlook of the world we share with the children of Kylemore.
Kylemore is a previously disadvantaged rural community outside Stellenbosch in South Africa – although an old established community it is still economically vulnerable with 60% of adults unemployed. The village is deprived of community facilities!  Social structure is limited to a primary school, a high school, churches, a municipal clinic and  “Frank’s Heaven”  a crèche established by Imbali with the generous support from the Hettlich Family in 2006/7. This is where 120 underprivileged children between the ages of 0 to 5 years find safe care and where they are daily  treated to soup and a free fortified muffin [sponsored by Lebenslinien-ev.de]  and baked in the children’s “Magic Muffin” bakery that has been established by Imbali in the Kylemore High School.
Despite the deprivation and economic hopelessness, the largely Christian community are devout churchgoers. Nevertheless, drugs and alcohol are a constant concern and inevitably many children require nutrition, all need recreational and educational upliftment opportunities to improve the quality of childhood, and general chances for success in life. As Imbali we have initiated and established a number of on-going projects in this community, mainly benefiting children. Our dream is to find the funds [6 000 Euro per annum] for a qualified educare teacher to take responsibility for the educational upliftment of a further 60 pre-school children into a safe and happy environment – children between the ages of 5 – 6 years old who will be cared for after school closes and until parents can fetch them after work. The building is in place and the space reasonably equipped.  
Thank you again dear Dorise because the establishment of this website will give Imbali the reach required to give nurture, to create hope and to generate opportunity to improve the quality of childhood for all these young children in Kylemore.
Bless you, Bianca, Malaika, Claudia and Robin for caring!
Jeanne and the Kylemore Kids!
Pre-school children between the ages of 5 to 6 years need to come into safe care in the afternoon.

Family Hettlich and friends visit ‘Frank’s Heaven’  -- the Kylemore Crèche

One small undernourished little girl enjoyed her soup!
We invite you to join the Hettlich Family and Imbali in their vibrant support of the children of Kylemore – where human dignity, self respect, personal contribution and community esteem will,  with their relentless support,  one day be the norm.

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