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Hettlich's History 2008


Christmas in Manchester, 2008

Another year has passed – time seems to go by more and more quickly these days...


Looking back, our family life has experienced several highlights: 

 the 1st of January 2008 Malaika has taken over Frank’s dental practice. This is of course a huge challenge and we are proud to see her taking it on masterfully. The practice is in great shape, the patients like and support her and the unique ambience has been maintained. Patients and colleagues are happy and once again the place is filled with laughter.


The next highlight was the 5th meeting of the Earthrounders in March taking place in Cape Town, South Africa. Frank had begun planning this meeting and the Hettlich-Girls took over where he left it and invited and organized a fantastic week for attendants from all around the world. The stone collection on Frank’s mountain has received many international additions since almost every Earthrounder had brought a little one from their home country.


At the same time as the meeting, Malaika travelled to Nepal to gather research data for her dental doctor thesis. She spent 8 fantastic weeks there, 4 of those at an elevation of 10.000 feet, and saw magnificent nature and met some incredible people. In October, she presented her research results at a conference near Prague with great panache. Soon we will be able to answer the phone with the familiar “Doctor Hettlich’s Practice, how can we help you”. 


Bianca’s life has also changed quite a bit this year. After nearly a decade at the Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, she finally said good-bye to all her friends and started a new job at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She moved to Columbus in November and so far likes her new position in small animal orthopedics as well as the many things a much bigger city like Columbus has to offer. A new chapter of her life has started now and Bianca is looking forward to getting settled – hopefully soon in her first own little house.


Claudia and Robin also had plenty of reason to have some fun in 2008... Friends and relatives came together for a great party in Manchester to celebrate “Robiclau’s” 40th birthday and their Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary! What a fabulous reason to get together. Claudia is due to finish her specialist training in pediatric allergies in London at the end of February 2009 and we’ll see where both of them will end up working. One thing is certain, they have not enjoyed the protracted commuting between Manchester and London and the phrase that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” has lost its gloss... We will keep our fingers crossed that they will end up with what is right and good for them.


Dorise also celebrated a “big birthday” with great laughter and joy with thirty lady friends who went out for lunch! She has not been idle in 2008 and has travelled all over the place. While continuing to be a strong supporter for Malaika at the clinic, she visited Bianca in the US, popped over to England to see Claudia and Robin, went on several wonderful safaris (some of them solo!), a Nile cruise with Malaika – and had no time to get bored. Frank has been “on his Mountain” for almost two years now and Dorise has found her way – always in silent communication with him. He remains her soul mate.


The Frank’s Heaven projects remain very successful. Our first charity concert for the Kindergarten, which was held in Kleve in September, was a huge success and a wonderful experience for all involved. We are already planning the next one and will keep you posted!


A major trial hit the family when a couple of days after the benefit concert we found our practice burgled and vandalized badly. It was as if a bomb had exploded and active reconstruction was needed. Friends, colleagues and family all helped and we proved again that you can persevere with good will and optimism. We will celebrate the official re-opening on February 16th 2009 to which you are all invited!


We wish all of you, dear friends a healthy and happy New Year and hope that we will meet again in 2009 to celebrate one thing or another!


Dorise, Malaika, Bianca, Claudia und Robin

Earthrounders Meeting, Cape Town, March 2008                                     Visit in London, May 2008

Party at 'Robiclau's' in Manchester, September 2008                           Benefit concert for Frank's Heaven, Kleve, September 2008

Clean-up Crew at the clinic, September 2008                                  Stone collection for Frank's mountain, October 2008
Dorise and Malaika on the Nile, November 2008                                Memory of Christmas 2003

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