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Successful outcome of the charity concert for Frank’s Heaven

Saturday evening, September …., 6:30pm – the doors to the concert hall opened and we were anxiously awaiting the first guests. Since this was the first charity concert we had put on, we were unsure how people would respond to it. But we needn’t have worried! A steady stream for people filled the concert hall – including many familiar faces such as patients and friends, but also curious Klever, hoping for an entertaining evening of music. And that’s what they got!



Under the musical direction of Mr. Rinie Nijenhoff, the ‘Blasorchester Bedburg-Hau e.V.’, a group of about 40 musicians, filled the evening with outstanding music from a wide selection of exciting and trendy arrangements. Whether it was the classical introduction of ‘Zarathustra 2000’ or the medley from Glenn Miller, there was something fun for everyone. Nobody stayed in their seats during ‘Samba Time’, ‘Boogie Forever’ and ‘Holiday in Rio’ as the music made everyone move along in its rhythm. Other arrangements included: Moment For Morricone, Selection from Starlight Express, Happy Trombones, Gilbert O Sullivan, Soul Time, and Ice Cream. A special highlight was the incredible xylophone solo  of ‘Memories of Circus Renz’ played by the 77 year old Mrs. Marga Taetz, the 'wisest' member of the orchestra.

Marga Taetz flying over the xylophone during her solo                           Doris Hettlich trying out for conductor

And to tie into the support of children in Africa, a horde of very mean and fearsome and totally adorable little pirates stormed the stage during a medley of ‘Pirates Of The Carribean’, so that even the youngest members affiliated with the orchestra could participate and make the evening special.

The horde of wild pirates is storming the stage                                      Rather well-behaved little pirates listening to the concert

Our family and friends remembered Dr. Frank Hettlich when the tune of “Über den Wolken” by Reinhard May was played - one of Frank’s favorite songs. We felt he was with us, with his humble smile and sparkle in his eyes.


Everybody enjoyed the lively spirit and special ambience during the concert. The intermission gave everyone the opportunity to have a little chat and find out more about the Kindergarten, the Imbali project and future endeavors. The audience was interested and learned that also small means can help a lot.


The concert was a great success in many ways. It brought awareness about the needs of so many children in Africa and some of the ways we can help. It also demonstrated the importance and the result of making music accessible to children and teenagers in our own area. And apart from that it gave everyone an entire evening of outstanding entertainment!


We would like to again send our heartfelt thank you to the Blasorchester Bedburg Hau e.V. and their conductor Rinie Nijenhof.  All musicians gave their very best and the outcome was fantastic.

Rinie Nijenhof and his orchester                                                                The planning of the next concert is already on the way


Malaika Hettlich’s team showed great enthusiasm in helping to make the evening a success and we thank them for their hard work. And we certainly thank again our sponsors - without their financial help this wonderful evening would not have been possible.


A lot of hard work went into the preparation of this concert! It was our first time to arrange an event like this and our inexperience showed at times. But you learn from your mistakes and find out how to make it better the next time. And considering the overall success of the evening, the brass orchestra and the Hettlich family decided - we will do it again! So be prepared to enjoy another special evening of excellent entertainment and the opportunity to learn about and help children in Africa.

Thank you all for your support!


The Hettlich Family

Team Hettlich

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