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The Muffin Project
Each day all the children in "Frank's Heaven" receive a fortified muffin -- the muffin has ingredients that addresses the 'hidden hunger' in the malnourished child. The recipe has been developed by SASKO MILLING & BAKING, one of South Africa's biggest milling companies, in liaison with the South African Medical Research Council.

In the little village of Kylemore a small bakery has been installed in 4 rooms in the High School where 3,000 muffins are baked daily. Of these 2, 500 are sold for as little as R1.50 to children at the high school and 500 find their way free of charge to the poorest of the poor children in the village.

Frank's Heaven receives a free muffin for every little child because the sponsors of the free muffin believe that proper nourishment of these little children at this early age will give them a better chance in life.

Today it was banana muffins -- tomorrow it might be chocolate or vanilla or blue-berrymuffins -- the flavours that the children love. The children look forward to this little treat after they have had their sleep in the afternooon and before they are fetched from their creche by their parents or a sibling and taken to their homes.

 Do you want to support this project?! Please see 'Charity/Donations' for information.

 Do you want to support this project?! Please see 'Charity/Donations' for information.

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