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Malaika Hettlich - Dentist! Another cause to celebrate!


On Oktober 23rd 2007 Malaika passed her last state board examination in dentistry and with it fulfilled all requirements to become a dentist! An interesting doctor thesis is already in the works.

Congratulations! We are thrilled for you, Malaika!

With the help from Dr.
Trübenbach, Dorise Hettlich and our wonderful team: Silke and Bernsi, Anna, Lena and Yvonne we are ready to work at full speed once more.

And this occasion gives us another opportunity to celebrate with you - our friends and patients! Please join us for a joyous reception on December 16th at our clinic (see invitation).

Best of luck Malaika - your dad remains your co-pilot!

Malaika and Dorise celebrate
Claudia and Malaika at her graduation in Düsseldorf on November 7th 2007
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