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10. März 2007
Rede von Sir Clive Loader, Royal Air Force

For all serving military officers, of whatever Service – Navy, Army or Air Force – and from whatever country, the greatest privilege and pleasure comes from the responsibility of commanding people.  I was lucky enough to command both a Harrier squadron and a main operating base here in Germany – a country that is like a second home to me, to my wife Alison, and to our 3 sons.  And it was whilst I was serving at RAF Laarbruch that we had the great good fortune to become friends with the Hettlich family.

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10. März 2007 – Gottesdienst in St. Lambertus, Donsbrüggen

Program des Gottesdienstes

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Erinnerungen an einen wunderbaren Gottesdienst.

Das Motto des Tages war „Über den Wolken“!

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Das Doppelleben von Dr. Frank Hettlich
Von Dorise Hettlich.
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