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A Trucking Tale - November 2009

I had a dream…..

Image Truck ride in 2003 - Frank's birthday present

Throughout my whole life, I´ve loved to drive along the motorway with all the different big trucks. I used to tell my family that in my next life I would like to be a trucker. After having heard this more than a thousand times, I got the most incredible birthday present from Frank in 2003 – 4 hours driving a huge truck! With the kids and Frank in the back, I was driving that huge thing - what fun. Frank was very proud because it was such a good present. 

The Whale Trail - October 2009
De Hoop Nature Reserve

"...it's the Sun City of hiking routes..."
- Hiker's comment after completing the Whale Trail
It's more than just a retreat, its total surrender.

One more reason to celebrate!

And celebrate we did!

A new beginning for Silke Opgenorth and our clinic - February 16, 2009

"It is not WHAT we experience but HOW we experience that affects our lives."

Dear friends and patients,


after the terrible destruction of our clinic associated with a break-in last October, the clinic emerges again in new shine and make-up. Thanks to many helping hands and countless hours of work things are restored and ready to go. On Monday, February 16th, we celebrated the beginning of the 'new clinic' with many patients and friends. Memories of past events were exchanged and we were grateful for the opportunity to share this day with so many people dear to us 

Successful outcome of the charity concert for Frank’s Heaven

Saturday evening, September …., 6:30pm – the doors to the concert hall opened and we were anxiously awaiting the first guests. Since this was the first charity concert we had put on, we were unsure how people would respond to it. But we needn’t have worried! A steady stream for people filled the concert hall – including many familiar faces such as patients and friends, but also curious Klever, hoping for an entertaining evening of music. And that’s what they got!


Charity Concert for Imbali - 20. September 2008
Imbali is the Zulu word for blossom and florish.............. 
The steep path towards a dissertation

Nepal - Himalaya


Aachen Dental and Medical Expedition 2008
Ein Team von Studenten und Ärzten ging zu Forschungszwecken in die Himalayas. Ziel war die Annapurna Region.
Leitung: Priv. Doz. Dr. med habil. Thomas Küpper
FA f. Arbeitsmedizin,Sportmedizin,Alpine Medizin
Institut für Flugmedizin, RWTH Aachen
Zahnmedizinische Betreung:
Prof. Dr. med.dent. Friedrich Lampert
Direktor der Klinik für Zahnerhaltung, Parodontologie und präventive Zahnheilkunde Universitätsklinikum Aachen
Thema der zahnärztlichen Forschung:
a) Untersuchung der Mundflora auf unterschiedlicher Höhe
b) Befragung von ca. 300 Probanden anhand von Fragebögen über Probleme vor und während der Reise nach Nepal
Thema der medizinischen Forschung:
a) Erste Hilfe Kentnisse bei Trekking Reisenden
b) Risikomanagment

A Very Happy Birthday!
The very best to your 60th birthday, Dorise!



What an event when 27 women get together for a birthday celebration!


Malaika und ihre Mädels auf Tour

Betriebsausflug nach Berlin im Februar 2008
mit Anna, Bernsi, Lena, Silke, Yvonne, Malaika und Dorise 

Reflections on Februar 16th 2007 - by Dorise

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY..... how often this thought has crossed my mind in the last few weeks. Frank and I had great experiences and met wonderful people. 

16th February, one year ago today... 

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